Effect of Penis Extender In Increasing Male Size

Penis Extender is one of the most prestigious methods of penis enlargement in the world. This method, which is based on a series of special daily exercises, is in fact the most uncomplicated method of increasing the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement by “Penis Extender”

Therefore, all couples should increase their knowledge in this field and use this instinctive force to strengthen the family. One of the problems that couples may face is the small size of the penis, which causes some discomfort in reaching orgasm of their spouse.

Penis Extender has been used in American and European countries for many years. To date, detailed research has been done on this method and today it is recommended by sexologists around the world.


Penis Extender is the most natural and uncomplicated way to increase the size of the male genitalia (increase the diameter of the male genitalia and its height), which can make you 98% successful without any medication. Extender has been used in European and American countries for many years, but because its effect is gradual and requires a little patience.


Increase the diameter of the male genitalia, enlarge the penis, enlarge the penis

Enlargement of the penis


Men who suffer from small penises, if they do these exercises carefully and without interruption, usually see the effect after three weeks to a month, and if they continue these exercises for up to 6 months, they can succeed with a%% chance. .


An important point to note is that some factors can reduce or increase this time, for example, a person who has a proper nutrition program and increases their cardiovascular health due to various exercises will get better and faster results than a person. Who does not have proper nutrition and smokes. In addition to smoking, other factors such as air pollution, tight and nylon underwear, swimwear and tight sportswear such as equestrian clothing also have a negative effect. He has a penny.


Increase the diameter of the male genitalia, enlarge the penis, enlarge the penis

Men’s penis enlargement methods


Use a warm towel

In the first step, start the exercises with a towel. Choose a towel or cloth and warm it, then wrap it around the penis and hold for a minute. You can also soak your penis in warm water for 30 seconds instead. This is done so that as the temperature in the area of ​​the penis increases, the blood supply to its tissues increases and it also becomes elastic. These will make the other steps of the Penile Extender method more effective.


Penile Extender exercises

This Extender exercise increases the length of the penis. People who want their penis to grow more longitudinally can use this technique more. There are several types of techniques in this field that you can choose one and do it. You can do these exercises standing or sitting, which is as follows. The important thing about these exercises is that the penis must be loose, because otherwise the effects of the exercises will not appear.


Hold the head of the penis with the fingers of one hand, at rest (do not hold it tight enough to disrupt blood flow), then pull the penis forward as far as you can (although you should not feel pain) and hold for 1 minute, then Release it slowly and rest it for a few seconds (about 10 seconds) and repeat the above action 15 to 20 times and then rest for 10 minutes.


Volume exercises

After stretching exercises, it is necessary to do growth and blood circulation exercises, because it increases blood circulation in the penis and causes it to grow. The method of work is to hold the penis forward and strike with the other hand. Insert it gently (30 times). Be careful not to hit sensitive areas such as the testicles.

Extension exercises

This exercise increases the circumference of the penis even when the penis is in a semi-upright position. The simplest movement of Extension is to first make a ring with the fingers and index finger of the left hand and after the beginning of the penis, move the hand towards the head of the penis and wash it. Be forward, then do the same with your right hand.


This will cause the head of your penis to become red and enlarged due to the accumulation of blood, which is normal. At this stage, avoid touching the tip of the penis because it is very sensitive. If your penis becomes completely straight during these exercises, you will have to wait a while for it to return to a semi-upright position. Do this 3 to 3 times in the first week, 5 to 50 times in the second week, and 50 times or more in the following weeks.


Another method of gelling is that after using the lubricant and when the penis becomes semi-upright, make a ring with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, then move the hand from the beginning of the penis to the head of the penis and place the hand near the head. Hold the penis for 5 seconds. Then do this with the other hand. You can do this for 10 to 15 minutes in each exercise.